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The Products

Every component of Salty Honey products - from the ingredients to the storage vessels -

has been carefully developed, tested and perfected to ensure total peace of mind for all of you

sensitive-skinned, chemical-intolerant, health-conscious honeys. 

Unnecessary toxins, harsh chemicals and cheap scents be gone!

Instead we’re bringing you nourishing mixtures, soothing soaks and quality essential oils. 

Organic is the new black, haven’t you heard? 

Some Key Features of Salty Honey Products: 

- All candles are paraffin, polymer, phthalate, and toxin free. All candles are made of 100% natural blend of sustainable beeswax and coconut wax.

- Wooden candle wicks are ethically sourced and produced from Native American Sap Trees, manufactured and FSC certified in the USA.

- Bath milk  range is safe to use on children and by pregnant/breastfeeding women.

- All Salty Honey fragrances and oils are lab tested and ISO certified.

- All ingredients (where possible) are organic certified. All essential oils are Australian certified organic.

- All salts are Australian sourced.

- All Salty Honey products are locally made in small batches.

Some Key Benefits of Salty Honey Products: 

- Beeswax candles filter air when burned, removing allergy-causing dust and pollen.

- Candles are safe to burn indoors and around guests, children, pets. Use of quality essential oils minimises/eradicates migraines caused by scent sensitivity.

- Manage skin issues such as eczema with the help of bath soaks/salts.

- Relax the mind and body.

- Maintain beautiful glowing refreshed skin.